1911 Magazine Analysis

Errata and Clarifications

Shocking as it may seem, I sometimes get things wrong and my magazine analysis is likely no exception. Any incorrect or incomplete information will be corrected where it occurred and the correction will be noted on this page.

1911Tuner on the M1911.org forum corrected my explanation of how a three-point jam works, and I in turn have updated my description of it in the Feeding Time section. He also identified the flat-follower Colt mag's family history. Apparently it's an eight-round wadcutter mag manufactured by Metalform and rebranded by Colt and McCormick, the latter as their "Shooting Star" magazine. Maybe this is what Colt distributes with their Gold Cups. I'd be interested in seeing if this mag helps my ludicrously short wadcutter rounds feed. According to 1911Tuner, the Devel follower used in this Colt magazine is known for dipping forward and gouging aluminum frame ramps.

I've updated Feeding Time; new information shows that my offhand mention of "cheap aftermarket magazines" being responsible for M9 jam issues in sandy locales wasn't fair to Check-Mate, who supplied the magazines, as the actual cause of the magazine issues was not their fault. Here is the thread where a Check-Mate representative explains the circumstances surrounding the M9 magazines.

Shortly after putting this writeup online, I was contacted by George Wedge, Manager of Quality for Para-Ordnance. He told me my conclusion about the Para-Ordnance magazine's follower being responsible for the slide peening was incorrect, as Para's magazine manufacturing methods ensure that all magazines are made identically; if the Para-Ordnance magazine I looked at was a problem mag, all of them were, and if all Para mags are problem mags, slide peening would be pandemic.

Unfortunately, I can only speculate and conclude based on data available to me. Giving Para-Ordnance the benefit of the doubt on the magazines would mean their repair department wasted my friend's time, effort, and money by not addressing the problems with his SSP.