1911 Disassembly


The following pages contain photographic instructions for how to field- and detail-strip a 1911. These instructions are relevant to all "Series 70" style 1911s; i.e. guns without firing pin blocks, integral locking systems, or full-length guide rods. If your gun is burdened with these unnecessary devices, I'd check the owner's manual for information on the specialized voodoo required to remove them.

Be sure to wear eye protection when detail-stripping a 1911, as there are some very aggressive springs that don't care where they go when they explode out of the gun at a significant portion of the speed of light.

All photos can be clicked for a larger version with more detail so that you don't have to squint quite as hard while muttering, "what the heck is he doing to that poor gun?"

To find out exactly what the heck I'm doing to this poor gun, just click the link below.