The 1911 Project

Got a question or comment?

Mail it to hidi.projects at and I'll either answer it personally or anonymize the question and post it and my answer on this page. Please remember that I'm not an expert on the 1911 by any means; the most I can promise is that I won't drool too much while reading your question.

Why did you write this guide?

That's a really good question, one that I asked myself somewhere around the 15,000 word mark.

Actually, I wrote this guide because I found other guides, such as Roderus' 1911 journals both fascinating and informative, and I've always felt that if you like something you should do it yourself so that there'll be more of it in the world. Also, Roderus knows what he's doing and has good equipment, so I figured I could present the other side of 1911 builds. Finally, the various 1911-tweaking forums see a lot of questions about whether it's advisable to undertake a 1911 build; rather than hem and haw on the subject, it'd be nice to just be able to provide a link to a beginner's-eye view of the process and say, "you tell me."